Guimond’s review of the books for Haiti

Guimond Pierre Louis, a friend of mine from Haiti, is studying in the States. He read five of the Creole JAMSBooks coloring books we’ve sent to Haiti. He wrote:
I took time to look at the books and they are very impressive. On behalf of my fellow haitians who will benefit of your outstanding work, I say a heartfelt THANK YOU! I really like your commitment and the commitment of your company to help educate the people.
May God bless you and all those who are participating in this magnificent project.
Thank you, Guimond, for this perspective and for all you do to give back to Haiti.


It’s so hopeful to hear the good things happening in this time. 1500 more books went to Haiti last month to help educate mothers and their children about the saving health in cleansing water with filters and buckets supplied by Water With Blessings.  Water With Blessings orders the coloring book texts JAMSBooks designed for Sr. Larraine Lauter and her team – with all Larraine’s words and expertise in the text and design of the book. We are so thankful for their work.

Praise From St. Damien’s

We are pleased to share this email from:


Jenny Edouard Pierre-Lys, MD MPH, HIV & Community Health Coordinator,
St. Damien’s Pediatric Hospital, Haiti
Hospital Saint-Damien-Nos Petits Freres et Soeurs


JAMSBooks have been very useful in our HIV department at Saint Damien’s Hospital.

Not only has it increase patients patience while in the waiting area, it has also being a huge help in creating or reinforcing bound between parents and children and educate them about several subjects like general and personal hygiene, using the toilet, eating good nutritious food and taking care of yourself,.

As they learned about the importance of planting trees especially in Haiti where there is a deforestation problem.

How to dispose of waste to prevent pollution of air or water that can make the fish and plants sick. 

The importance of insects in the environment

Brief essentially educational topics. Kids love coloring the drawings after reading. Some form a small group to have fun, coloring and interpret the drawings while waiting to be seen by the doctor.

This is a remarkable initiative.

It’s Hot Out There

It’s hot out there…so hot. I have AC relief. So many don’t.

I’m thinking about this while I drive 300 diabetes educational coloring books from the printer to the Operation Blessing Warehouse. I’m in my car with the AC blowing. As soon as I open the door, that heat made me sweat immediately.

I actually started whining about it internally for a few inexcusable seconds.

The books in my trunk were bound for Haiti. Will the kids who read them be out in this heat with no relief? Are they accustomed to it? Do they have enough water? I don’t know.

I hope the ones who receive our books get a temporary place in the shade to read, to color, to learn.


Kay Mackenson Teaches About Diabetes in Haiti

We completed a 20-page book for Dr. Ric Bonnell and the Kay Mackenson clinic and staff! What a pleasure to work with this team. The book will help children in Haiti understand the signs and symptoms of diabetes. It will show them how to get help, take insulin and live a healthier life! Can’t wait to see pictures of children looking at these books in Haiti.

Meanwhile, here are some representative pages:

pg2 pg12 pg14 pg16