Praise From St. Damien’s

We are pleased to share this email from:


Jenny Edouard Pierre-Lys, MD MPH, HIV & Community Health Coordinator,
St. Damien’s Pediatric Hospital, Haiti
Hospital Saint-Damien-Nos Petits Freres et Soeurs


JAMSBooks have been very useful in our HIV department at Saint Damien’s Hospital.

Not only has it increase patients patience while in the waiting area, it has also being a huge help in creating or reinforcing bound between parents and children and educate them about several subjects like general and personal hygiene, using the toilet, eating good nutritious food and taking care of yourself,.

As they learned about the importance of planting trees especially in Haiti where there is a deforestation problem.

How to dispose of waste to prevent pollution of air or water that can make the fish and plants sick. 

The importance of insects in the environment

Brief essentially educational topics. Kids love coloring the drawings after reading. Some form a small group to have fun, coloring and interpret the drawings while waiting to be seen by the doctor.

This is a remarkable initiative.

Mackenson Takes it to the House

JAMSBooks recently partnered with Dr. Ric Bonnell and the Kay Mackenson clinic in Haiti to custom-illustrate a coloring book about diabetes education. Dr. Bonnell’s adopted son from Haiti (one of 8 children), Mackenson Phildor Bonnell, 20, co-authored the book, telling the story through his experience as a child.

Dr. Bonnell sent me this link the other day. I feel like JAMSBooks collaborated with a celebrity; he’s a hero in the way he knows how to put his heart to good use.  This is what Mackenson’s up to…

More About How the Coloring Books work

Coloring books are so basic here in the United States; we may forget their educational power.  Kids in developing countries rarely get books; coloring books are a treat. The medical profession is very aware of their power in extending the impact of medication through education.

When a child sits down, concentrates and carefully colors illustrations, they notice and observe what’s happening, thus they are not passive recipients of information, they are interacting. They read the words on the page, they learn from what’s happening in the art as their little fingers grip the crayon or coloring pencil.

JAMSBooks offers four themes of custom-illustrated book topics – anti-parasite/hygiene and burn prevention, conservation and clean water.  Each book was researched with assistance from professionals at international non-profits based in the United States.

The hygiene book is available in 4 languages and the burn prevention two languages. However, we’re all about customization, so the books can be printed in any language.  Whether you want  just a few pages of a current book changed,  a new language added or you want to have a book made for your mission, give us a call or an email!

Pastor Laura Hollister Shares Book’s Blessings – Email Excerpt

Dear Jean,

You and I (and your husband) met during in June, on the below referenced flight—and you sent me copies of each of your books.

I do love your books. I haven’t seen roly polies here in Nebraska, but I played with them and loved them just like the subject of your book did. I have given Rockin’ Roly Poly and also Once upon Two Prayers to our Nursery School/Kindergarten teacher Lori, who this year will have 18 children in her class!  She will put the books to good use and when she is not using them, they’ll be part of our church library.

I plan to give the third book, Little Tucker, to a 5-year-old boy. He is a darling mixed-race child who, in this until recently all-white congregation and with his entirely all-white relatives, has been more and more comparing himself to his cousins and finding himself wanting. Little Tucker is perfect for him, and I can’t wait to read it to him and then tell him it is his.

With love in Christ,

Laura Hollister





Burn Books Help Kids in Resurge International Clinic in Bolivia

Fran Cunniffe, Associate Director, Medical Education & Outreach wrote to me to send this link. She writes, “Also, our team trip to La Paz, Bolivia is currently in progress and we have some great photos of the coloring books in action on our Flickr account. This trip is a hand surgery trip, so they operate on hand burns as well as other traumatic injuries and congenital deformities. The kids look pretty excited! Here is a link if you’d like to see the photos-

Burn Prevention Books Reaches the Himalayas

An email came in last week:

Friends at ‘Resurge‘ (formerly Interplast) have been so kind to share a
copy of your Burn Prevention Booklet with me which is very well done.

I have been a longtime medical volunteer and currently run a burn
program in the Kingdom of Bhutan.

For more info please refer to my website which has a
link detailing all my work done in Bhutan.

Since prevention is a major ingredient in a burn project I would like to
ask permission to use your booklet.

Since the booklet is written in Spanish, do you have an English version

Thank you very much and look forward to hear from you.


Margrit Elliot
President and Founder Global Burn Care and Reconstructive Institute (GBCRI)

Wow. The Himalayas…what an honor.

Thank you, Dr.Elliot, for everything you do!