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Burn Prevention Books Reaches the Himalayas

An email came in last week:

Friends at ‘Resurge‘ (formerly Interplast) have been so kind to share a
copy of your Burn Prevention Booklet with me which is very well done.

I have been a longtime medical volunteer and currently run a burn
program in the Kingdom of Bhutan.

For more info please refer to my website which has a
link detailing all my work done in Bhutan.

Since prevention is a major ingredient in a burn project I would like to
ask permission to use your booklet.

Since the booklet is written in Spanish, do you have an English version

Thank you very much and look forward to hear from you.


Margrit Elliot
President and Founder Global Burn Care and Reconstructive Institute (GBCRI)

Wow. The Himalayas…what an honor.

Thank you, Dr.Elliot, for everything you do!