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Pastor Laura Hollister Shares Book’s Blessings – Email Excerpt

Dear Jean,

You and I (and your husband) met during in June, on the below referenced flight—and you sent me copies of each of your books.

I do love your books. I haven’t seen roly polies here in Nebraska, but I played with them and loved them just like the subject of your book did. I have given Rockin’ Roly Poly and also Once upon Two Prayers to our Nursery School/Kindergarten teacher Lori, who this year will have 18 children in her class!  She will put the books to good use and when she is not using them, they’ll be part of our church library.

I plan to give the third book, Little Tucker, to a 5-year-old boy. He is a darling mixed-race child who, in this until recently all-white congregation and with his entirely all-white relatives, has been more and more comparing himself to his cousins and finding himself wanting. Little Tucker is perfect for him, and I can’t wait to read it to him and then tell him it is his.

With love in Christ,

Laura Hollister