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More About How the Coloring Books work

Coloring books are so basic here in the United States; we may forget their educational power.  Kids in developing countries rarely get books; coloring books are a treat. The medical profession is very aware of their power in extending the impact of medication through education.

When a child sits down, concentrates and carefully colors illustrations, they notice and observe what’s happening, thus they are not passive recipients of information, they are interacting. They read the words on the page, they learn from what’s happening in the art as their little fingers grip the crayon or coloring pencil.

JAMSBooks offers four themes of custom-illustrated book topics – anti-parasite/hygiene and burn prevention, conservation and clean water.  Each book was researched with assistance from professionals at international non-profits based in the United States.

The hygiene book is available in 4 languages and the burn prevention two languages. However, we’re all about customization, so the books can be printed in any language.  Whether you want  just a few pages of a current book changed,  a new language added or you want to have a book made for your mission, give us a call or an email!