It’s so hopeful to hear the good things happening in this time. 1500 more books went to Haiti last month to help educate mothers and their children about the saving health in cleansing water with filters and buckets supplied by Water With Blessings.  Water With Blessings orders the coloring book texts JAMSBooks designed for Sr. Larraine Lauter and her team – with all Larraine’s words and expertise in the text and design of the book. We are so thankful for their work.

Thirsting for Education

Clean water. Vital for health. Well, of course.

Here in the States, we drink clean water…bottled, mineral, Fiji, Smart. We – let’s change that to I – don’t think so much about our water being dirty; instead I focus on its purity, its mineral value or the best way to buy it.

I admit it. I do it.

What I don’t have to do is ask my kids to drink dirty water I’ve hauled for a few miles in a bucket.  Many moms in Honduras do this but now a portion of them have a better way.

Water filters + education.

Sister Larraine Lauter, Executive Director, Water With Blessings sent these pics of moms in Honduras.  A few years ago, Larraine’s vision and JAMSBooks creativity together created a little textbook/coloring book.


She tells me these custom-designed coloring books by JAMSBooks have proven tremendously effective tools to help teach why clean, filtered water is so very necessary. Hundreds of moms learn while coloring, then pass along the education to their curious children, thanks to this program.

Drink it in…Cheers, Sr. Larraine.