Guimond’s review of the books for Haiti

Guimond Pierre Louis, a friend of mine from Haiti, is studying in the States. He read five of the Creole JAMSBooks coloring books we’ve sent to Haiti. He wrote:
I took time to look at the books and they are very impressive. On behalf of my fellow haitians who will benefit of your outstanding work, I say a heartfelt THANK YOU! I really like your commitment and the commitment of your company to help educate the people.
May God bless you and all those who are participating in this magnificent project.
Thank you, Guimond, for this perspective and for all you do to give back to Haiti.

Belize Coast Guard Female Team Distributes JAMSBooks

U.S. Marine Corps Civil Affairs Team in partnership with the Belize Coast Guard Female Team brought big smiles to children at the Holy Cross Anglican School in Belize during a shoe and coloring book distribution in December of 2017. As part of the Belize Coast Guard Female Team’s community outreach program, the team held a shoe drive where 150 children were fitted and given a new pair of shoes, hygiene coloring books and crayons. Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) Shuzz Fund and JAMSBooks generously donated these. 


U.S. Marines Bring JAMSBooks to Children in Belize

Remarkable email:

Dear Jean –

We just received some awesome pictures from a recent school desk/supplies distribution at Graham Creek Government School in Belize. U.S. Marines service members and the Belize Defence Force traveled roughly 7 miles in and out through the tough terrain of the Belize Rain Forest going through swamps, creeks, mud, log crossings, and the full elements of nature to get these items delivered to the school.

We would like to express our appreciation for your generous support to BTH17 and the citizens of Belize! The distribution was a huge success and the children loved their coloring books!

We will be posting these pictures on our Facebook page

Hope you have a wonderful week.

Tatiana Escudero
Public Private Cooperation Division
J7/9 Exercises and Coalition Affairs
U.S. Southern Command



Pediatric Hospital in Togo Gets Coloring Books

A post-resident physician with Samaritan’s Purse, and pediatrician, just sent this pic from Hôpital Baptiste Biblique in Togo, West Africa. She chose to give the children a customized version of the hygiene coloring books.

Look how carefully he colored the page…

The physician saw the need for educational yet fun materials to keep the children busy in a productive way. She chose to give the children a customized version of the hygiene coloring books.

She asked us to change the text to both French and Ewe, so books were available to the children in each language, in addition to English. Then, she added the salvation message to the back page. This way, any adult who may be reading to the child can share the gospel message.

85,708 Children Receive JAMSBooks!

85,708 children and many color-happy adults have received JAMSBooks educational materials in the following countries as of today, January 30, 2017. I wonder what it will be like once we surpass 100,000 someday…AWESOME!

South America
Bolivia (80)

Colombia (1,750)

Guyana (100)

Peru (375)

Central America

Nicaragua (1,360)

Belize (2,250)

Honduras (3,700)

Guatemala (1,890)

El Salvador (1,000)

Panama (1,080)

Central American Burn clinics (1,900)

Unspecified  (17,200)

India (10)


Dominican Republic (4,375)

Haiti (28,019)

Jamaica (1,300)

Dominica (1,000)

Malawi (600)

Ghana (3,650)

South Sudan (20)

Unspecified (6,225)

Swahili-specific (500)

Himalayan Burn Clinic (50)

Philippines (2,650)

United States