Pediatric Hospital in Togo Gets Coloring Books

A post-resident physician with Samaritan’s Purse, and pediatrician, just sent this pic from Hôpital Baptiste Biblique in Togo, West Africa. She chose to give the children a customized version of the hygiene coloring books.

Look how carefully he colored the page…

The physician saw the need for educational yet fun materials to keep the children busy in a productive way. She chose to give the children a customized version of the hygiene coloring books.

She asked us to change the text to both French and Ewe, so books were available to the children in each language, in addition to English. Then, she added the salvation message to the back page. This way, any adult who may be reading to the child can share the gospel message.

67,674 Reached

67,674 children and many color-happy adults have received JAMSBooks educational materials in the following countries as of today, May 19, 2016. I wonder what it will be like once we surpass 100,000 someday…AWESOME!

South America
Bolivia (80)
Colombia (1,000)
Peru (375)

Central America

Nicaragua (1,160)
Belize (1,500)
Honduras (2,950)
Guatemala (1,140)
El Salvador (1,000)
Panama (1,080)
Central American Burn clinics (1,900)
Unspecified  (12,400)

India (10)

Dominican Republic (3,400)
Haiti (25,550)
Jamaica (1,000)
Dominica (1,000)

Malawi (500)
Ghana (3,650)
South Sudan (20)
Unspecified (5,325)
Swahili-specific (400)

Himalayan Burn Clinic (50)
Philippines (800)

United States

Gospel Story Parable for Africa Available

Thanks to Kim Kargbo and Women of Hope International, a new book is available to help share the gospel in areas of Africa. Kim shared the text of a parable about the sacrifice of a village chief for a project we created for her a few years ago. She’s used this story in West Africa to present the gospel.

Now it’s available in a book form in two sizes. It can be viewed in full if you just send me an email request at Let us know what you think, especially if you have experience in Africa.

Training Manual for Women of Hope International Complete

Has anyone called you a “loser” or made you feel low for your weaknesses? I hope not, but imagine the answer for many of you may be a sad “yes.”

Many women in Sierra Leone who are missing an arm, are blind or have leprosy are often told by their society that God hates them so He purposely cursed them with a disability. They live on the streets, in the darkness of despair and worthlessness.

Women of Hope International works to turn around that message, bringing – as their name says – hope. 

After one year, with a break to focus on Ebola education, an amazing, 50-page, professionally illustrated training manual is complete.

This month, WOH executive director Kim Kargbo and her team are in Sierra Leone using this JAMSBooks designed and illustrated training manual to bring a message of education, dignity and divine love to these ladies.

Sample illustrations:

Care during pregnancy and childbirth
The grief process
A successful business woman makes a plan.


Yes, Girls, You ARE Worthy!

Having fun collaborating with to create a customized book for the kids they reach by sewing dresses for little girls – over 2 million sewn so far!

We are illustrating their special pillow-case dresses on existing coloring book characters. The first page below is the new illustration, the one on the right is the previous one. 


LOVE to assist in the mission “Planting in the hearts of little girls that they are worthy.” Yes, girls, YOU ARE WORTHY!!