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Training Manual for Women of Hope International Complete

Has anyone called you a “loser” or made you feel low for your weaknesses? I hope not, but imagine the answer for many of you may be a sad “yes.”

Many women in Sierra Leone who are missing an arm, are blind or have leprosy are often told by their society that God hates them so He purposely cursed them with a disability. They live on the streets, in the darkness of despair and worthlessness.

Women of Hope International works to turn around that message, bringing – as their name says – hope. 

After one year, with a break to focus on Ebola education, an amazing, 50-page, professionally illustrated training manual is complete.

This month, WOH executive director Kim Kargbo and her team are in Sierra Leone using this JAMSBooks designed and illustrated training manual to bring a message of education, dignity and divine love to these ladies.

Sample illustrations:

Care during pregnancy and childbirth
The grief process
A successful business woman makes a plan.