67,674 Reached

67,674 children and many color-happy adults have received JAMSBooks educational materials in the following countries as of today, May 19, 2016. I wonder what it will be like once we surpass 100,000 someday…AWESOME!

South America
Bolivia (80)
Colombia (1,000)
Peru (375)

Central America

Nicaragua (1,160)
Belize (1,500)
Honduras (2,950)
Guatemala (1,140)
El Salvador (1,000)
Panama (1,080)
Central American Burn clinics (1,900)
Unspecified  (12,400)

India (10)

Dominican Republic (3,400)
Haiti (25,550)
Jamaica (1,000)
Dominica (1,000)

Malawi (500)
Ghana (3,650)
South Sudan (20)
Unspecified (5,325)
Swahili-specific (400)

Himalayan Burn Clinic (50)
Philippines (800)

United States

Ghanaian Mother’s Hope Does it Again



Bringing smiles and educational messages of smart hygiene

to children in Ghana:

Debi Frock, Drew Davidsen and the Ghanaian Mother’s Hope team post:

These little girls clapped for joy and said “I love my book” at Akusomblu Primary School in Ghana. What a great week it has been. We have delivered “The Secret to Being Strong” message to over 700 children in Ghana so far. That you Jean and JAMS Books!–Debi Frock -Ghanaian Mothers’ Hope–GMHope.org

Coloring Books Travel to a New Continent

YAY! The coloring books went to Africa for the first time!

This is from Debi Frock, the Founder/Executive Director of Ghanaian Mothers’ Hope, Inc:

How exciting to watch the faces of mothers and children as I told the story of Kofi and Ama. Each six months the public health department distributes parasitic medication to children in the public schools. This book was the perfect compliment to that distribution. The public health department is very interested in helping us to redesign the book to be more Africa friendly.  Thanks, Jean, for helping us bring this coloring book to Ghana.

Blessings, Debi
She took 250 hygiene coloring books to Ghana this summer!