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The Full Cup

Who would have thought my children’s books would sell at a lingerie boutique? Well, they do! www.TheFullCup.comI hear from Vicky Whipple, Carla and Francis and the other gals at The Full Cup in La Promenade Shoppes in Virginia Beach quite often. We go way back to my adverstising days…I’ll never forget receiving the first phone call from the shop’s owner, Francis Crespo. She wanted to run an ad in Hampton Roads magazine for her new store – an upscale, tastful lingerie boutique which stocks beautiful undergarments from Europe. She wanted to provide things that made women feel beautiful all under despite their body type or shape. She wanted to offer the type of capable, gentle, nurturing and fun service every woman cherishes, making fitting appointments and taking time with each woman. And she has. Now the store has been in business over 7 years and has another boutique in Alexandria.Thanks for the support you give to women…and the support (pun intended) you give to me and my little books! Just don’t try to stuff any of the display bras with the plush roly polies; they go with the books, as companions!!!