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Take it to the MACS makes plush roly polies

Natalie Grayson and her team of workers with special needs at Take it to the MACS in Chesapeake made 100 plush roly polies a few months ago, to sell with Rockin’ Roly Poly.I delivered the fabric and the instruction sheet, after having made a prototype on my sewing machine. The fabric is gray flannel so it’s soft. The faces is embroidered and each one is filled with pillow stuffing – so they are safe!Stephen put them in the bag and placed them gently in my car. They really did a great job and each one, since it’s hand-made, looks a little different; explaining this to a child when he or she receives this book, is a great way to teach children how we are all made with love and each one of us looks just a little different.People have loved the polies as a companion to Rockin’ Roly Poly  so much I only have about 15 left! Gotta get some more business for Natalie and the gang, so need to sell more books!! Please check them out at and consider sending them some work from your business!