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Stuffed roly poly bugs

Candice C., a co-worker, when buying my two books for her son, got the very first hand-sewn, stuffed roly poly. I hear he sleeps with the little bug at night. I wonder if he rolls out of bed…I made a prototype on my sewing maching from soft, gray fabric. It’s stuffed with pillow fluff, then I embroider eyes, eyebrows and a smile with black embroidery thread. It’s small and squeezable, fits in little hands and is safe – no lead, no melamine, nothing sharp or toxic.Even though I’ve researched places to mass-produce these, I am now looking for seniors or others who may want to participate in a positive, creative project. Each poly will have its own tag with the maker’s name, hand written. So now, when people purchase Rockin’ Roly Poly, along with it comes the stuffed poly! It’s SO fun…Thanks, Candice, for being the first.