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Seabrook SDA Church Teaches Hygiene with JAMSBooks

I was reading with great interest about the coloring books you have published for
Haitian children.  I understand that these books are teaching children and parents
how to stay healthy.  The purpose of my email is to find out how we can get these
books for our Haiti Mission Trip in July.
We are  a missionary group from Seabrook SDA Church in Maryland and plan to be
in Abricots, Haiti from July 6th through July 15, 2012.  We are doing a Vacation
Bible School program about ‘taking care of your body’.  We are also going to be accompanied by a dentist and 2 nurses who will provide some medical assistance
to the small area we are visiting.
Please let us know how we can acquire these books for our mission.  Thank you so
very much for publishing such a relevant piece of work for the Haitian children.
Giliane St-Amand Green
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