Public Readings

Let author Jean Mackay Vinson share one of her books with your students. Students as young as 2 years old will sit intently to listen to the rhymes of Little Tucker Sticks and will be delighted when sticks speak about JesusShe’ll even bring in sticks and yarn to lead a cross-making craft with your students and teachers. Once Upon Two Prayers – a longer and more involved story suited for ages 5-7 –  will captivate your students’ imaginations while teaching a Biblical principal about belief and prayer. Rockin’ Roly Poly appeals to ages 4-7 with adventure, rhyme and a gentle teaching about kindness – even to bugs – and the wisdom of asking God to direct our paths.  In spring, early fall and early summer, she’ll bring real roly polies to your children to show them how they roll into balls, don’t pinch, sting or bite.

Jean is a former English teacher and is willing to customize her program to teach the skills you are covering. Some ideas are: brainstorming, vocabulary, rhyme, use of descriptive words and coming up with book ideas.

Allow your students to learn the skills you need them to know from an author’s perspective. They will be inspired to write more themselves.