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Ebola Educational Lesson and Booklet – Download


The illustrations accompany an intricately-designed lesson and story created by Kim Kargbo,  President & CEO at Women of Hope International. The booklet -formatted to fit on both sides of A4 paper –  and lesson are designed to be used together. 


  • The picture booklet was designed to accompany the lesson
  • It is important that the booklet be used in conjunction with the broader teaching lesson, so as not to misinform.
  • The lesson is specifically designed to address the common misconceptions and beliefs that are continuing to hamper educational efforts in West Africa.
  • The front cover of the picture booklet illustrates the key story in the lesson, which identifies two different women and their varied responses to the virus, with the resulting ramifications.
  • Allowing people to process through the story, and analyze the thoughts and behaviors of “someone else” gives them a degree of separation which allows people to see what the wrong thoughts can do, without casting blame on themselves directly.

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