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Josie Young Translates

A few times a year Josie Young hops a bus to New York City, bags packed. Not packed for a stay in an amazing hotel. Not packed for her at all. Her brother, a cab driver in the city, picks up her.The bags, full of clothing and supplies, get placed in a box and mailed to Dominican Republic. She checked it out, this system. It’s one of the most cost-effective ways to do it, and she knows the bags will get to their destination – her mother.When Dr. Lisbet Hanson told her about the Haiti coloring book, and that we were looking for someone to help with the Spanish translation, she stepped up. Last Friday, she came over. We sat on my deck and chatted while she wrote the correct words in Spanish on each of the 12 pages. It seemed so simple but the effects will be far reaching. That’s how God works.Now kids in Dominican Republic can have a big, 8 1/2 x 11 book to color.  They can learn from the books – from the illustrations and the words – how to take good care of themselves so they can have the energy to play, and not live with parasites sapping their health and energy. No kid should live like that.Next time, Josie will have some books to put in that mailer box.