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Corpus Christi, Holland, MI

The kids at Corpus Christi school in Holland, MI, were great when I went to visit for a reading last Friday, March 12.  This is the school associated with my Mom’s church. Mom, Toni Mackay, drove me there, sat in the back and listened. She was the best part of this school visit; it was so special to go there with her since we live at such a distance. I hope this honored her.The Pre-K through 3rd grade sat so nicely while I read Little Tucker Two Sticks and Rockin’ Roly Poly. I’d say nearly 90% of them knew what a roly poly bus was, knew where to find one AND knew they don’t pinch, bite or sting.The 6th -8th graders listened graciously to Rockin’ Roly Poly after I acknowledged the reading level was far beneath them and that I’d get to the philosphy behind it all after I’d read. I hope I was able to get across to them how God creates a gift in each one of us and it is our challenge to discover and use that gift for His good purposes. They really seemed to be interested in learning about the coloring books for Dominican Republic and Haiti. One of the teachers really got it when I told the story of seeing the same Genesis verse from Little Tucker Two Sticks on the wall of the church in Guerra, Dominican Republic, where we first distributed the coloring books.If any of you students are reading this blog, remember what your English teacher said about the importance of learning to write. She’s point on. Listen to her! Thanks for being such great listeners that day!