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Buy one, send one

We  are going on another medical mission trip to Dominican Republic June 19-26.  We’ll  join our team from Galilee Epsicopal, under the leadership and direction of Dr. Ben Carey and minister to the village of Guerra.It is our goal, like last year, to bring 400 coloring books along with at least 2 coloring pencils per child. This time, since our team and its backers do provide anti-parasite medication, the group voted to bring a Spanish version of Janbatis ak Jozyann Refe since the book is about the hygiene measures kids need to learn to ward off re-infection of parasites after they’ve received the medication . A local woman who grew up in DR will assist with the translation, and Dawn Stephens will be in the wings with her artist’s tools, waiting to make any illustration tweaks.One part of our journey to Guerra is flying  into Santo Domingo. A Physicians for Peace doctor who runs a clinic there, Dr. Lopez, read the Creole version when Dr. Hanson showed it to him the week of the earthquake, as she left Haiti through DR. He liked the book and saw it as a strong educational tool for the families who go to his clinic. So, when I print the books for our team, I’d like to print more for Dr. Lopez.There are a few challenges.In order for me to print, say 1,000 books, I need to raise about $1,000-$1,500. One way I thought of doing this is to donate from Little Tucker Two Sticks sales, one book for each one sold;  anyone who buys a book sends one to a child in Dominican Republic. Not to sound too commercial or advertising-esque, but it’s a BUY ONE SEND ONE deal.The other challenge is transportation/delivery. When we take our books on our mission, we’ll have just enough room to pack our books. We each take one suitcase of personal items for the week and another packed with 50 lbs. of medications. That leaves no room for Dr. Lopez’s books. Well, you might say, “Just ship them.” Sounds logical and easy, but it is not at all. Not for a third world country.  We cannot be assured through what we consider the typical mail/shipping process that these books would arrive. Even if they did arrive, it would be a longshot that they’d reach their destination.Today Dawn and I met with Monika at Physicians for Peace. They are very open to looking for ways to help out.Meantime, the clock is ticking. So far I’ve sold 2 books. $1,498 to go!