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Art in the Spirit

Congratulations to Leslie and Bill Marks. Their new website is up and running: The first time I saw Leslie’s paintings I stopped walking and it felt like I started breathing the beauty of her art. It was at The Founders Inn and Spa one day as I trapsed from the sales area to Swan Terrace. They’d set up the paintings for a show. My love for horses drew me to stare at and study the “Sons of Thunder” painting of wild, white horses.We started up a conversation and I learned that Leslie paints what the Spirit prompts her to paint.  I bought a few cards – the horses, the lion, the dove and the young girl reaching out to touch Jesus’ robe- since I couldn’t manage a painting or a print.  The front of each card is a copy of one of her paintings with a few words beneath the image. The back connects the meaning of the art to scripture. I must admit it was hard to let go of those cards, to send them away; they were so beautiful to me. Yet the impact they have on the recipient is worth it!I plan on buying more.Thanks for the beauty you bring to our world, Leslie and Bill.Peace,Jean