""One child, one teacher, one book and one pen can change the world. ""

From Malala’s address to the United Nations, July 12, 2013

Supporting Medical Missions

JAMSBooks is a publishing business which started creating educational coloring books for developing countries November, 2009. The books get into the hands of children by way of individuals, missionaries, medical professionals, clinics, medical mission teams and international relief organizations.  As of July, 2014, approximately 24,785 books have gone to children in over 15 countries.



Public Readings

Let author Jean Mackay Vinson share one of her books with your students. Students as young as 2 years old will sit intently to listen to the rhymes of Little Tucker Sticks and will be delighted when sticks speak about JesusShe’ll even bring in sticks and yarn to lead a cross-making craft with your students and teachers.


Jean taps 20 years of marketing, advertising and public relations experience to be a publisher for those in need. She and her team of artists and graphic designers focus their efforts on the needs of basic education for children and adults in developing countries by way of individual, group and non-profit missions. Contact Us.